Sparkling Gourami Babs: An Attempt

I’ve had a pretty mixed week with my tank so far. I came back from vacation to find that one of my harlequin rasboras died (why? no idea. They’ve always been my healthiest fish) and that most of the sparkling gourami fry that hatched out just before I left had been devoured. I’m also not 100% sure all my adult sparkling gourami are still alive, but they hate each other so much it is pretty rare to see them all at the same time. Fingers crossed. Edit- spotted them all! Huzzah!

In the wake of all the disappointment, I’m looking for a tank win, and I may have found it with my new fry box.

Normal desktop decor.

I’m trying to keep the few remaining sparkling gourami fry alive and well, which I’ve heard is pretty difficult. The fry apparently need a layer of humid air above the water to develop properly, and seem susceptible to illness. Not to mention they are freaking the smallest things you ever did see. No joke, at about a week old, they are the size of small mosquito larvae…and that’s about double their ‘freshly hatched’ size. So, yeah, there’s ‘small fry’ and then there’s ‘sparkling gourami fry.’

Anyway, my contraption. It’s hard to tell what’s going on there from the picture, but it’s a piece of tupperware with one of those lids that has a small circular ‘vent’ in the top and snap-down sides. I’ve got a hose threaded through the vent for an air hose which doubles as a method for water changes. I also loaded that ish up with methylene blue because ain’t nobody dying of fungus on my watch. I also thought the long, flat container might help create a good ‘environment’ for humidity, since there’s more surface area for evaporation.

Only time will tell if this method allows me to successfully raise up my sparkling gourami fry. I put the survivors in there yesterday evening, and as of about an hour again, at least one was still alive, so there’s that. Hopefully the method works, and/or my gourami have another batch of babies soon so I can test it on a larger sample size than, like, 3 fry.


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